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PlayStation Plus May 2023 lineup revealed

PlayStation Plus March 2023 lineup revealed

Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus May 2023 lineup. It includes Grid Legends and more. All of the games this month can be played on either the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. As always, you’ll need an active PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, or Premium subscription to access these titles for free.

PlayStation Plus May 2023 Lineup

The PlayStation Plus lineup includes:

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  • GRID Legends
  • Chivalry 2
  • Descenders 

Grid Legends is described as “thrilling wheel-to-wheel motorsport action. Create dream race events, hop into live races, experience a dramatic virtual production story, and embrace the sensation of spectacular racing.”

Chivalry 2 has you “return to the ultimate medieval battlefield in this multiplayer first-person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles. Players are thrust into the action of every iconic moment of the era – experience large-scale conflicts in sprawling medieval environments ranging from Tournament grounds to full-scale castle sieges. The PS5 version runs in 4K at 60fps.”

Meanwhile, Descenders is a “fast-paced extreme downhill biking game that’s easy to pick up, but difficult to master, featuring an in-depth physics system that lets you control every subtle movement of your rider. Take on different jumps, slopes, and hillbombs every time you play with procedurally generated levels.”

There’s still time to claim last month’s games

The new PlayStation Plus games are available starting on May 2. Meanwhile, this month’s PlayStation Plus titlesMeet Your Maker, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Tails of Iron – are still available. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to claim them now before the free offer expires.

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