PlayStation VR2 could soon be PC compatible

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Important information coming from a PS VR2 driver programmer.

After the first exploration of the VR market by PlayStation, the Japanese company continued to bet on it. Delivering the PlayStation VR2 earlier this year, the VR headset completely improves on the performance of the first. Sony has positioned itself as the best bang for the buck in this market.

But new information shared by a programmer of PlayStation VR2 drivers could make the headset even more desirable. It’s a driver that will allow full PS VR2 compatibility on PC!

Good news for VR fans

PlayStation VR 2 has made quite a splash in the VR market. Different brands, such as Meta (Oculus) and HTC, among others, have managed to establish themselves in the market. However, PlayStation has managed to position itself well among these companies with a more affordable headset.

This has happened, above all, thanks to PlayStation VR. The technology achieved by Sony with its new VR headset has shown another side of what can be achieved in this market. And this is what the PC iVRy Driver programmer has seen.

This driver allows the complete adaptation of all VR headsets on the market. After the launch of the PlayStation VR2, the development team has focused on bringing the new PlayStation headset to PC. But, surprisingly, one of the programmers announced on Twitter that this would become a reality.

It should be noted that this work, despite having some support from PlayStation, is not official. Therefore, PlayStation is not looking to bring its headset to other platforms in the near future. However, thanks to the iVRy Driver team, we will be able to enjoy VR games from both PlayStation and other developers on PC.