Plentypede is out now on Steam

This 2.5D arcade-style shooter is coming first to PC and then to mobile.

Plentypede, the inaugural game from Favour Toys Studios, was just unveiled. This arcade game with a theme similar to the classic Centipede may appear easy at first look, but it’s all about getting your timing right.

A game that will allow you to have fun and develop your mind

Plentypede is a 2.5D shooter with tower defense components. It’s a dynamic game with hours of action owing to its wave system. The game’s strategic components include selecting the appropriate upgrades for your play style and reloading your cannon at the appropriate times.

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This game is for you if you enjoy tower defense games or traditional Zuma games. Plentypede is available on PC through Steam. Later in 2022, Favour Toys Studios wants to release a smartphone version of the game on Android and iOS.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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