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Pokemon Black and White 2 Confirmed

Nintendo teased a new Pokemon game throughout most of last week before series director Junichi Masuda uncovered Pokemon Black and White 2 over the weekend.

Pokemon Black andamp; White 2

Headed to Japan in June (and Europe in the fall), Pokemon Black and White 2 mark the first numerical sequel(s) in the franchise’s history. For the record, Pokemon celebrates its 16th anniversary today.

Those hoping for the first big 3DS Pokemon title may be disappointed, as Pokemon Black and White 2 have been officially confirmed for the DS – not the newer handheld. Backwards compatibility means that Black and White 2 will be playable on the 3DS, but will not utilize any of the features unique to the platform.

No further details have been announced, although many Pokemon fanatics speculate that the two new monsters shown off by Masuda (seen above) are evolutions of the legendary Pokemon from the Black and White box art; Reshiram and Zekrom, respectively.