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Pokémon Go update adds Gen 5 Pokémon today

A new update for Pokémon Go is adding Gen 5 Pokémon to the game starting today.

The Gen 5 Pokémon first appeared in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White for the Nintendo DS back in 2010. They originate from the Unova region. As of today, they will start appearing in the wild, in raids, and hatching from eggs.

We can confirm that the following Gen 5 Pokémon are included in the Pokémon Go update: Blitzle, Lillipup, Oshawott, Patrat, Pidove, Purrloin, Snivy, and Tepig, among others.

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You can hatch these Pokémon from eggs:

  • 2 km eggs: Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Pidove
  • 5 km eggs: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Blitzle, Drilbur, Foongus
  • 10 km eggs: Ferroseed, Klink, Litwick, Golett, Deino

According to developer Niantic, some of the Pokémon can only be caught in certain regions. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Asia-Pacific: Pansage, the Grass Monkey Pokémon
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: Pansear, the High Temp Pokémon
  • The Americas and Greenland: Panpour, the Spray Pokémon
  • Western hemisphere: Heatmor, the Anteater Pokémon
  • Eastern hemisphere: Durant, the Iron Ant Pokémon

In order to evolve the new Gen 5 Pokémon, you’ll need an Unova Stone. You can earn Unova Stones through the completion of research breakthroughs.