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Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Now Available

The latest installments in the Pokemon series are re-makes of the Game Boy Advance titles Ruby & Sapphire – Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. The Nintendo 3DS games launched worldwide – both in retailers and the Nintendo eShop – at 12AM today.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire boast many of the superficial upgrades from fellow “sixth-generation” Pokemon games, X & Y, which launched last October.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire - 1


There are plenty of new mechanics and gameplay features other than updated visuals, but revisiting the Hoenn region with so much added detail is definitely one of the selling points.

Stay tuned for a full review of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire on Game Freaks 365 – for now, check out the launch trailer below: