Pokémon Wonder theme park opens July 27 for a limited time

Pokémon Wonder

The Pokémon Company’s new Pokémon Wonder theme park consists of a 1.1-acre forest where nature and Pokémon will transport you directly to Viridian Forest.

Pokémon Wonder is less of a theme park in a traditional sense and more of a park based on one of the world’s most successful brands. More than merely a random attraction, the concept of Pokémon Wonder is to appreciate the beauty of nature while searching for hidden Pokémon amid the weeds.

Yomiuriland, one of Tokyo’s most popular amusement parks, is just next door to the theme park. The major draw is the vast forest over which the Pokémon live, much as we see in the games and anime series.

Nature adventure

Pokémon Wonder has been dubbed a “nature adventure.” Both children and adults take on the role of Pokémon researchers, and their objective is to search wide areas for diverse Pokémon species composed of a peculiar material.

The Pokémon are handcrafted rather than puppets, plastic constructions, or even virtual creations, as depicted in the adventure’s teaser. The advantage of the scenario is that the Pokémon are difficult to recognize in natural surroundings since they are composed of things like books or paper, making discovering them harder.

The various pocket monsters’ constructions are among the most inventive: we may find Metapods created from a single palm leaf, an Omanyte made of marble, and Seedots fashioned of acorns. Pokémon Wonder promises to be a delightful experience for adults and children alike, and it is a very creative and brilliant idea from The Pokémon Company.

When does it open?

Pokémon Wonder will only be open for a limited time. It is set to open from July 27 to April 3 of the following year. As a consequence, if you’re a fan of Pokémon and happen to make it to Japan, you won’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Watch a video for Pokémon Wonder down below!

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