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Political Machine 2008 Adds Biden, Palin to Roster

Stardock’s 2008 PC strategy game hit, The Political Machine 2008 has been updated to include the new vice presidential candidates along with adding a host of compelling new features for users to create their own content and share with their friends. The Political Machine 2008 puts players in the role of a Presidential candidate on the campaign trail making speeches, buying ads, hiring spin doctors and consultants, raising money, and going on cable news shows. The game can be purchased at major retail outlets as well as Stardock’s digital download platform, Impulse (www.impulsedriven.com) for $19.95.

The updated version of the title includes vastly enhanced multiplayer features including supporting match-making via Stardock’s Impulse, allowing for better online play. It also includes features allowing players to print out bumper stickers and campaign pins from within the game: Players can create their own candidates, controlling everything about them in how they look, and then export them as an avatar for on-line use or use the new print shop to create a variety of physical media with their creations including campaign pins, bumper stickers, and more. The update adds the new vice presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin to be incorporated into campaigns as well.

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“This is the ultimate game for political junkies and a really fun way for anyone to learn about the election process,” said Brad Wardell, lead designer of the game. “Once you put yourself in the campaign manager’s shoes, you really get to see how each campaign tactic ultimately affects the outcome of the vote. The whole point is to be fun but part of that means being reasonably accurate.”

Real-world scenarios are mixed in with fantastical scenarios. Players can choose the U.S. 2008 election, an election in history, or play in fun and humorous fantasy campaigns including one that takes place on an alien world and one that takes place in “Europa”. Players can also choose what television shows to be a guest on and will face tough questions from the hosts of shows like “The Colvert Report” and “The O’Malley Factor”.