Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Season 4 starts this month

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Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

Three Mighty Morphin Power Rangers characters will arrive in this new season along with more procedurally available content.

Today, the American studio nWay announced the first details of the next season of their popular game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Over the following two months, Season 4 will introduce three brand-new characters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Dino Charge to the game.

Adam Park, Poisandra and Rita Repulsa

Despite the fact that there will be other additions to the game, we will see Adam Park on September 21. Adam, a former Stone Canyon pupil, wowed Zordon and the other Rangers with his martial arts prowess and has served as both the Black Ranger and the Green Zeo Ranger.

Aside from Adam Park, two more Power Rangers characters will join the game, along with a Power Rangers: SPD skin and a new Summon. The following are the upcoming additions:

  • Poisandra: Poisandra, from Power Rangers Dino Charge, is an ancient bounty hunter who is over 65 million years old. She is a sweet and lethal blend of power and grace. She’ll be in the game on November.
  • Rita Repulsa: Rita Repulsa is an evil master of magic from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers who is focused on conquering the universe. Rita observes the world from the Moon Palace and concocts plans with Lord Zedd, her companion in villainy and passion. She will arrive in December.
  • Helmetless Doggie Anubis Cruger Skin: Fight as Anubis Cruger in his classic Power Rangers: SPD formal helmetless outfit.
  • A new Gravezord Summon: first appeared in Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #9 comic book, and it was cobbled together from damaged and destroyed Zords from the World of the Coinless, a dimension ravaged by Ranger Slayer and Lord Drakkon, where surviving Rangers hold out without the assistance of their Power Coins. All gamers will be able to get it for free.

Season 4 may be purchased in its whole for $14.99, and individual characters can be purchased for $5.99 apiece. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the Season 4 trailer of Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid here on Game Freaks 365.