PowerA MOGA XP-Ultra Wireless Controller Review

MOGA XP-ULTRA Wireless Controller Review

In this review of the PowerA MOGA XP-Ultra wireless video game controller, we will take a closer look at its features and if it’s worth buying.

The PowerA MOGA XP-Ultra is a rugged-looking controller that will work with PC, mobile, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s quite a versatile controller.

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The MOGA XP-Ultrua is a licensed Xbox Series X/S controller that’s versatile enough to also function with PCs and smartphones. It’s also possible to use this with compatible smart TVs.

The controller comes with a clip to which you can attach your mobile phone to play games. You can also use the controller as a full-sized controller or a mini-pad, which gets rid of the grips and makes the controller a smaller and easier-to-use accessory. If you’re using a phone, the mini-pad is especially useful.

On the back of the controller, there are two additional mappable buttons that you can assign in-game. It also comes with two rumble motors for vibration and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Plus, the analog sticks are quite precise and accurate.

After being fully charged, you can use the controller for up to an impressive sixty hours and up to forty hours in Bluetooth mode. It charges with the USB-C port, and you can also use a cable for wired connectivity. However, the controller is fundamentally a wireless one, so you must use compatibility mode to use it with Xbox.

Is it worth buying?

The controller is very sturdy and the build quality is excellent. It’s also great how you can detach the grips and use it as a mini-pad. The size of the controller is also great and comfortable for gamers. However, the analog triggers can be a bit stiff. The Bluetooth connectivity, battery life, and overall comfort of the controller are all great.

The versatility of the MOGA XP-Ultra is the best part of it. This controller may be a good option if you use multiple platforms to play games. The main downside is its hefty price of $130, although you can often find it on sale. But for the price, you could find another controller that might be better in some aspects.

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