Pre-order the new Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy 1:4 scale figure at Just Geek

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Batman scale figure Just Geek

A new Batman figure celebrates the Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan era. This collectible figure isn’t cheap though.

Just Geek kicks off the year teaming with Hot Toys to deliver the new DC Comics Batman: The Dark Knight figure to fans. Hot Toys presents a collectible figure inspired by Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster trilogy, which includes not only the accurate figure of Gotham’s gloomy character but also the detailed face of actor Christian Bale, who plays Bruce Wayne.

An incredible scale action figure

Two masked Batman head sculpts with interchangeable face design approaches are included in this 18 1/2-inch tall figure, one with LED lighting in the eyes and the other with distinct rolling eyeball characteristics.

Batman scale figure Just Geek

Furthermore, the figure has a highly poseable physique that portrays Batman’s robust, muscular shape, as well as a precisely cut Batsuit with carbon fiber fabric details, giving us Batman’s signature appearance from The Dark Knight Trilogy.

We’ll receive a variety of distinctive devices with the figure, including an EMP rifle with LED illumination, a sticky bomb gun, a grapnel gun, batarangs, mini mine, and working equipment. For Batman aficionados, this is the ideal pairing.

As we said, this isn’t cheap though. If you want to get your hands on this magnificent figurine from Hot Toys, you can pre-order it at Just Geek for $719.99. If the cash price is too much for you, you can pay for it in four simple payments of $180 with Just Geek’s Afterpay option.

The figure does not yet have a firm release date. However, it has a tentative release window of Q3 2023. “Although we do our best to ensure our estimated arrival date is as accurate as possible, this is a provisional date and therefore is subject to change as we receive further delivery information from the supplier,” Just Geek says.

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