Pre-orders open for physical Sifu Vengeance Edition on PS4 and PS5

Sifu Vengeance Edition

Discover all the contents of the Vengeance Edition that you can pre-order now.

Studio Sloclap has partnered up with Microids to announce the physical release of Sifu‘s Vengeance Edition, the creative and true-to-combat Kung Fu game that will be available digitally on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via the Epic Games Store on February 8.

A game where every death matters

Sifu is a martial arts film that combines the compelling intensity of traditional Kung Fu films with realistic and brutal action. The game follows a young Kung Fu student who has spent his life preparing for a day of reckoning after his whole family was brutally murdered by an unknown assassination team.

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The game is at the intersection of two well-known genres, combining the timeless intensity and adrenaline of beat ’em ups with the compelling design of 3D action games. You’ll unravel an ancient mystery set against the detailed background of a fictional Chinese city through a series of tough confrontations that will put your talents to the test.

To beat the odds, you’ll need to depend on your Kung Fu skills and a mystical pendant that will bring you back to life after death. However, magic comes at a terrible price, and each time you return back to life, you will have aged significantly. You will pay the price of your vengeance in time.

The Vengeance Edition

Sifu Vengeance Edition

The Vengeance Edition is the game’s collector’s edition, which will be released on May 3. You can already pre-order it at Playasia. This meticulously constructed collector’s edition includes:

  • A SteelBook
  • The standard edition of Sifu for PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4
  • Sifu‘s art book
  • The original score of the game (digital)
  • 3 lithographs

Watch the Vengeance Edition trailer down below!

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