Pre-registration opens for DRPG Soul Tide

Soul Tide

The anime-style Soul Tide initially launched in China last year. It won Best Anime Game at both the Vivo Annual Game Festival 2021 and the Game TeaHouse Awards.

Pre-registrations for Lemcnsun Limited’s award-winning dungeon crawl role-playing game, Soul Tide, are now open. Lemcnsun wants to take their unique gacha and dungeon crawler game – which has been a hit in China – and bring it to the rest of the world.

The continent of Soul Tide, fractured by an ancient presence, is yours to explore, with breathtaking imagery, rich gameplay, and anime-style heroines.

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The Earth’s only hope is a gang of mysterious Evokers and the strong creations they control in Soul Tide, a dark fantasy world controlled by witches. Only these Evokers can travel the depths of a labyrinth teeming with magical power to prevent the witches from harnessing the labyrinth’s vitality.

A dungeon crawler with a modern twist

Soul Tide is a refreshing change of pace for anyone tired of the same old RPG mechanics and searching for a more engaging experience. This RPG also features characteristics of a dungeon crawler, a genre that has existed since 1980. Players will encounter dungeons with tough and fun designs.

Soul Tide

Rogue-like techniques are used in the game to give an added layer of challenge to those who want to put their skills to the test in these labyrinths, but the puzzles are still accessible to casual gamers.

Lovely characters

Players can spend time with characters outside of dungeons and even go on dates with them, learning about their former lives while also obtaining new talents and stat upgrades. Each character is equally rare and has the same potential. Your party’s growth will be determined by the relationships you form with each of them.

To provide you with an immersive experience, the heroines are voiced and animated in Live-2D. Furthermore, each of the characters gets a themed PV that elevates their beauty to new heights.

Customized builds

Each heroine has eight unique active talents that can be mixed and blended to create her own unique battle styles, in addition to several passive skills and item slots. Furthermore, because there is no character rarity, you may always include your favorite characters in your lineup without fear of them ending up in wheelchairs.

Will the developers be able to replicate the success of Soul Tide in other countries? We’ll find out shortly if they can keep up. If you’re interested in participating in the game, you may pre-register here. Soul Tide will be available soon on Google Play and the App Store.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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