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Precision Gaming Tool Set to Change PC Gaming

Fanatec, a leading brand of high-end input devices for game consoles and PCs, today introduced its [FANATEC.heäd$h0t] Controller (MSRP $99.99) for PC. Designed from scratch as the perfect aiming device, the [FANATEC.heäd$h0t] Controller is a combination of Fanatec’s heäd$h0t mouse, aURa mousepad, emul8or software, illuminated cable holder, and USB 2.0 hub all packed into a LAN suitcase. Perfect for hardcore and casual gamers alike, the [FANATEC.heäd$h0t] Controller is set to begin shipping in North America on October 10, 2006.

Latency free and featuring the finest laser sensor technology, the resolution (up to 4,000 dpi) of the heäd$h0t mouse can be changed on-the-fly or as part of a macro. Users can quickly switch it to work as a 3-axis, 9-button joystick, making it the perfect controller for mixed mode games like Battlefield or Grand Theft Auto. It features a patent pending ergonomic size adjustment system, giving it the ultimate in precision control to hands of all shapes and sizes. It is also the first mouse where the hand fully rests on the mouse and does not increase friction.

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With the powerful emul8or software, users can program sophisticated macros very easily during gameplay and map it not only to one of the 6 mouse buttons or the 5-way scroll wheel, but also to any keyboard key of any standard keyboard connected. The emul8tor software automatically saves the macros into editable .txt files and loads it automatically when launching a game.