Project Haven video highlights turn-based tactical gameplay

Project haven gameplay trailer

The Portuguese indie studio gives us a new look at Project Haven.

Code Three Fifty One, a Portuguese indie developer, has released ten minutes of gameplay from Project Haven, its new turn-based tactical game. This game has shown a new video ahead of its big update in February, which is expected to include substantial upgrades to the user interface, in-game mechanics, and new playable characters and talents.

A glimpse of gameplay

In this new trailer video, our heroes are unexpectedly assaulted by an opposing squad during a mission. At that moment, the fighting mechanism in Project Haven is shown to have several fascinating quirks.

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Project Haven

In Project Haven, combat isn’t always about using brute force. Shoot the pistol out of your foes’ hands to disarm them, and then close the gap for a melee assault. Use an innovative stealth technology to dodge opponent lines of sight and perform a stealthy takedown from behind, or pound through thick walls with armor-piercing bullets for the ultimate in surprise strikes.

Direct aiming with third-person vision, stalking behind cover, and automated guard phases at range are now part of XCOM‘s strategic repertoire, although they seem to be executed in an intelligent manner in the upcoming game from Code Three Fifty One.

Project Haven, which is presently exclusive to PC, will be released in 2022.

Watch the new gameplay trailer down below!

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