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Pronty: Fishy Adventure is a beautiful subaquatic Metroidvania out now on Steam

Pronty: Fishy Adventure

Explore the underwater depths with Pronty and discover the mysteries of a contemporary Atlantis.

Pronty: Fishy Adventure, a new underwater Metroidvania developed by 18Light Game in conjunction with Joy Brick, was released today on Steam. Dive into the tumultuous seas of humanity’s new deep-sea refuge.

Explore the depths together with Pronty

Play as Pronty, a genetically-engineered monster with aquatic and human qualities. Become the protector of the fallen Royla, City of the Deep, and discover its mysteries. Explore the magnificent underwater environment with your trusty buddy ‘Bront’ the javelin, combining your talents and upgrades intelligently using the “Memory Board,” and making the most of every exploration and battle situation.

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Pronty: Fishy Adventure is designed with a bright, clean line visual style to reflect the fascinating underwater environment. You will fight 13 terrible bosses and more than 40 varieties of mutant aquatic monsters, the consequence of terrifying fusions between sea animals and marine detritus.

At the same time, your quest for the truth about contemporary Atlantis will take you to battle various deadly aquatic animals that have mutated owing to pollution, as well as the secrets of your origin.

Pronty: Fishy Adventure is available for PC via Steam today at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Watch the launch trailer down below!