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PS2/Xbox Game Hall Opens

A message from Anarchcade:

Anarchcade strives to be the premiere 21st century game arena on the east coast. We will provide a communal atmosphere with a competitive edge. Allowing for that thirst of acknowledgment from peers to be met with prizes and notoriety. You will have to come back.

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The owners of Anarchcade are gamers and know how cool it is to play along side a buddy (or even better – a stranger) and whupp tail. Anarchcade is a Game Hall. Play any Xbox or PS2 games you like from a 1/2 hour till closing. Play online – Play with your buddy – play with your girl – play with your buddy’s girl – Play!

Anarchcade is located at:

329 Bowery (3 ave)(cellar)
Between 2nd (Bond) and 3rd (Great Jones) streets
New York, NY 10003