PS3 Beats Wii in April Despite PSN Downtime

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The glory days for the Wii are over. You could probably tell that by the game lineup, but it is reflected in sales as well. Despite the PlayStation Network being down for nearly a month, the PS3 managed to outsell the Wii in April. Granted, the outage only covered 1/3 of the month, but the fact that it did not dampen sales is still impressive.

PS3 managed to sell 204,000 units for the month, compared to 172,000 for the Wii. PS3 sales were up 13 percent from April 2010. The top selling console was the Xbox 360, which came in at 297,000. As we reported yesterday, the Nintendo DS was the second place system with 257,000 units sold. The 3DS has struggled with fewer than 200,000 units in April.

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