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PS3 Going for $6,000 on eBay; eBay Placing Restrictions

Selling new game systems on eBay has become about as emblematic of a console launch as the long lines forming at Best Buy. One of the more famous cases happened last year when the PlayStation Portable launched with a plentiful supply, yet the system was going for hundreds more on eBay. The online auction site is going to be imposing restrictions this time around. The restrictions are meant to protect consumers after auctioneers failed to produce Xbox 360 units that they were selling last year.

Before Friday, only sellers with comments from at least 50 customers and a positive rating of 98 can list PlayStation 3, and can only list one. They must include a photo of the pre-order and guarantee shipment within 30 days of the purchase. A quick search of eBay finds 3,256 listings of PlayStation 3 with dozens of bidders putting bids of $2,000 or more and as much as $5,999.99 for a $500 PlayStation 3. The restrictions will also apply to Nintendo’s Wii, which launches on Sunday.

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