PS3 Slim and Price Cut Expected This Fall

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It is being reported by Ars Technica that the PS3 will drop in price this fall. The first part of their plan is to “see some serious hardware constraints in the weeks ahead” as the company will supposedly phase out the 80GB units in favor of more hard drive space. The article says that “retailers have about 60 days worth of inventory before the systems will become hard to find. Expect to see many more 160GB units on store shelves.”

They expect that once the 80GB units are squeezed out of stock that Sony will announce a price cut for the 160GB model. While there is no word on how large of a cut it will be, one would imagine that a $300 PS3 is not too far away. Furthermore, the company is expected to launch the rumored PS3 Slim sometime later this fall. Currently the 160GB system retails for $499 and includes the very well received Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

The price cut rumor makes plenty of sense. PS3 sales have lagged alongside Xbox 360 sales for the better part of this year. Many economists see the unemployment rate in America reaching as high as ten percent this fall. The upcoming holiday season could potentially be worse than last year’s – which saw declines that have not been seen in over 40 years. Both Sony and Microsoft are going to have to respond aggressively to entice economically depressed consumers.

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