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PS3 to Outsell Xbox 360, Revolution Combined

A questionable report from Strategy Analytics was released today saying that the PS3 would outsell both the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Revolution combined. According to the report, delays of the Sony PlayStation 3 are likely to have limited impact on the console’s long term performance. While 2006 sales will clearly fall short of previous expectations, Strategy Analytics maintains its previous forecast of PS3 sales of 121.8 million units through 2012. This compares to expected sales of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 of 58.8 million units over the same period and 17.9 million for Revolution

“The PS3 delay will give Microsoft more time to win early adopters, but this was generally anticipated,” notes David Mercer, Principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “Any further delays could seriously damage Sony’s position as a consumer technology leader. Assuming the November launch takes place as planned, we still believe that the PS3 will prove to be the dominant next generation console which will ultimately win a 65 percent share of the market.”

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