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PS3 Uses Xfire

Five million users strong, the Xfire online game community will soon be open to game players on the PlayStation 3, with built-in Xfire features available in Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) upcoming PlayStation 3 title, Untold Legends Dark Kingdom. Using Xfire functionality, gamers will be able to track when friends are playing Dark Kingdom online as well as chat with players on either a PC or a PlayStation 3.

Dark Kingdom for the PlayStation 3 is scheduled to launch with Xfire’s friend tracking and chat services. PlayStation 3 players connected to the Internet will be able to log in to Xfire from the front end of Dark Kingdom, which will give them notice when their friends log in to the Xfire network, as well as allowing them to chat with their buddies while they play. The Xfire services within Dark Kingdom will be cross-platform, allowing friends to chat whether they are on a PlayStation 3 or a PC.

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