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PS4 Pro slashed to $299 on Amazon

PS4 Pro

For a brief period over the holiday season, you could find a PS4 Pro for under $300, which was a savings of $100. Well, Amazon just slashed the console to Black Friday prices.

For what is likely a limited-time price drop, Amazon is currently offering a PS4 Pro for $299.99. The system normally retails for $399.99. Or maybe Sony is planning to permanently reduce the price to $299.99 in the near future? Either way, it’s a solid deal.

The PS4 Pro was released in November 2016 as an enhanced PlayStation 4 console. The system is capable of 4K gaming and movies. It competes with Microsoft’s Xbox One X for the high-end console gaming market.

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Of course, the PS4 is in its twilight years. We’ve mentioned before that PS4 sales have slowed significantly, as is to be expected in the lead-up to a console launch. Of course, that hasn’t slowed game sales, which topped 1 billion in 2019.