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PS5 firmware update adds external USB storage support

PS5 firmware update adds support for external USB storage

A new PlayStation 5 firmware update is out tomorrow. Among the new features is the ability to transfer PS5 games from the internal SSD to an external USB hard drive.

Here’s more from Sony:

With this feature, you can now transfer your PS5 games to USB extended storage from your console’s internal storage. It’s a great way to extend the storage capabilities of your PS5 console, and you can seamlessly copy your PS5 games back to the console’s internal storage when you’re ready to play. It is faster to reinstall PS5 games from USB extended storage than to re-download or copy them from a disc.

Because PS5 games are designed to take advantage of the console’s ultra high-speed SSD, PS5 titles can’t be played from USB extended storage. PS5 titles also cannot be directly downloaded to USB extended storage. However, games that you transfer or copy back to internal storage will automatically update when applicable. In addition, you can select which game modes you want to install (such as campaign or multiplayer) for select titles that support the option.

Sony did not provide a list of supported devices.

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My Take

This is a much-needed feature given the limited size of the PS5’s SSD and increasingly large game file sizes. Hopefully, it will support most external hard drives. We’ll let you know if we find out more information from Sony.