PS5 beta software update
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PS5 hardware sales top 2 million in the UK

PS5 beta software update

Sony’s next-gen PS5 console is on-pace with PS3 but lagging PS4.

The PlayStation 5 just topped 2 million consoles sold in the United Kingdom. It reached this milestone in 98 weeks, which is the same amount of time that it took PS3 to reach 2 million units sold.

“Given the stock problems surrounding PS5 it is fair to say it would have easily outpaced PS3 to 2m units,” GfK’s Dorian Bloch said. “One thing that is clear, the significantly higher price of PS5 has not hindered sales, with consumers willing to pay the £105 premium that is shown on the average price of both consoles over this 2m unit period. PS5 has delivered the highest revenue for any console at two million units.”

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In comparison, both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 took over 100 weeks to reach this particular milestone. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X|S has yet to reach 2 million consoles sold in the UK.

“Xbox One took 104 weeks to reach two million, exactly two years, and Xbox 360 took 110 weeks, which was 2.12 years. Although the Xbox 360 was slower to this mark than Xbox One, Xbox 360 overtook Xbox One after three years and remains Microsoft’s biggest install, with around nine million in the UK,” Bloch added.

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