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PSP Hitting the Courts

Virtua Tennis is regarded as the best tennis game ever made for any console. It first appeared on the Dreamcast in the summer of 2000. It was succeeded by Tennis 2K2. Now, several years later, Sega announced that it will release a PlayStation Portable version of its Virtua Tennis series, intended for a release date of fall 2005.

The accessible gameplay is what made Virtua Tennis such a hit. It was fast-paced, and a blast to play with friends. Virtua Tennis: World Tour will feature a playable array of internationally renowned tennis pros in addition to a custom player mode, exclusive mini-games, and original courts. Wi-Fi gameplay is supported, encouraging up to four friends to play together.

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“SEGA has maintained the solid gameplay of the Virtua Tennis franchise, while adding personalization options and brand new mini-games; features critical to gamers on the go,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Entertainment Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. “Virtua Tennis: World Tour will also feature a robust roster of licensed players, so gamers can challenge their favorite pro tennis stars head-on.”