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Public Beta for Test Drive Unlimited

Atari and Melbourne House are pleased to announce a closed public beta test for Test Drive Unlimited on the PlayStation 2. Test Drive Unlimited is a M.O.O.R. (Massively Open Online Racing) title featuring over a thousand miles of streaming Hawaiian roads, server-based online play, over 70 luxury super-cars, player-owned housing, car upgrades, the ability to challenge other players to races online and more.

The purpose of a public beta is to receive consumer feedback on tuning and balancing, assessing online stability, and general functionality testing. Enthusiasts who are selected for the beta test will be under strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) meaning that no discussions regarding the product outside of our dedicated private beta forum may take place. Enthusiasts who participate require online access with a PlayStation 2, including a Broadband Internet connection and the network adaptor. Interested participants should visit the following URL and fill in all the information: http://www.atari.com/tdubetatest/.

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