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Pulse Racer Review

Developer: Jaleco Publisher: Jaleco
Release Date: December 10, 2002 Also On: None

If you thought that a game was so bad that it made you vomit or even want to kill yourself for wasting your money, that’s nothing. If anyone has seen a worse game than Pulse Racer, you need to tell me. Satin could use this game as an eternal torture for everyone in hell, seriously.

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It is painful to even look at Pulse Racer. The graphics on here are the most terrible ever seen in the history of gaming. I think Pong had graphics better than this. There is a large amount of clipping and frame rate problems, but that isn’t even the half of it. Visuals are extremely bland, jerky, and even upsetting. Your eyes will bleed from the torture.

Nothing could sound worse than Pulse Racer either. They give you some sleepy techno that is mixed horribly. Car sounds are worse than anything could ever be. Pac-Man’s waca waca sounds are better. Your ears may actually burn off from the pain.

There was a slight attempt at quality here that failed miserably. They made a track creator that is very poor and lacks a lot of customization. There was multiplayer placed in the game as well. There are only 4 tracks in the game and they are worse than a 50 mile traffic jam on the freeway.

There was no work on the design or in the creation of the game, if you even call this mess a game; it seems like this was made by a 2 year old. The people who were working for Jaleco during the making of this game should be fired, shot, killed, and then burned with every copy of Pulse Racer ever made. Making games isn’t easy, but nothing can be easier than making a better game than the mess we received here.

Graphics: 0
Sound: 0
Gameplay: 0
Creativity: 0
Replay Value/Game Length: 0
Final: 0
Written by Shawn Review Guide