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An homage to when games were truly games.

Quest For Infamy will be released on consoles in March with a digital release. Quest For Infamy is a throwback to legendary games from the past, combining genres to capture the finest of point-and-click, role-playing, and adventure games. It comes from indie developer Infamous Quests in conjunction with Ratalaika Games,

Quest For Infamy is an homage to some of the best arcade games from the mid-to-early 1990s, when story, diversity, gameplay, and in-depth adventure were the main attractions. All of this is paired with a compelling plot and a straightforward point-and-click interface.

The game may appear antiquated or retro-centric to some, but it’s an experience not to be missed, with lots of laughter and sarcasm sprinkled throughout the pleasant excursion/adventure. There’s lots of mystery, intrigue, action, enemy combat, boss battles, and more in this game.

A vast world to explore

With a large and explorable environment to explore, as well as hundreds of NPCs to engage with, including some unusual and intriguing fantasy characters. The player will be drawn into the plot by the three acts, and the many settings and places will retain their interest and attention.

The pleasant village of Volksville, the massive and sweeping Greek-inspired metropolis of Tyr, the wide and lonely plains, the enigmatic northern woodlands and perilous southern woods, the beach of Rogue, and many more intriguing locales await players, as well as several undiscovered areas to explore.

Quest For Infamy launches on March 4 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the game trailer down below!