Quirky puzzle comedy Felix the Reaper out now on PC and consoles

If you’re looking for something quirky to play, Felix the Reaper might fit the bill. The just-released indie game blends romantic comedy and 3D puzzle gameplay for a truly unique experience. Oh, and Sir Patrick Stewart lends his voice as the game’s narrator.

Nominated for Most Original Game at Gamescom 2019, Felix the Reaper is a puzzle game in which players “alter events to end the lives of humans as ordered by the Ministry of Death.”

“Like all reapers, Felix can only move in the shadows, but thankfully he can change the direction of the sun and move objects in a snap to create safe passage through increasingly devilish scenarios,” publisher Daedalic Entertainment says.

Felix the Reaper comes from the Danish indie developer Kong Orange. It is out today on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. It is also available as part of Xbox Game Pass.

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