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Race Team Rivals NFT Garage out now on iOS, coming soon to Android

Race Team Rivals NFT Garage

Collect classics of the automotive and motorsport world.

Supremacy Games announced today that its NFT mobile game project, Race Team Rivals NFT Garage, is now available for iOS and will be coming to Android in the future. In addition, the Finnish development team has announced that auctions for the NFT cards that will be used within the game will begin next week.

Race and be the best on the track

Remember the race tracks you could find in malls, game stores, and more where you controlled your toy car from a gun-shaped controller, and competed to see who could make the most laps the fastest? Well, something like that is what Supremacy Game presents us with its new game.

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Race Team Rivals NFT Garage is a free-to-play game where we can also have additional benefits with the ownership of different NFT cars that will be part of the game. Although the game is perfectly playable with the cars provided for free, these NFT cars will allow us to race in the VIP Special Mode.

NFT Series 1

The Race Team Rivals NFT Garage Series 1 is a limited edition series with just 2500 vehicles available. Cars are available in four distinct rarities and 25 distinct power levels. All of the vehicles in this inaugural series were painstakingly built by the development team in collaboration with very informed motorsport enthusiasts.

“Finland is a leading hub of mobile game development, and we are happy to combine that expertise with our blockchain expertise to create NFT games that are fun and rewarding to play. The team has worked on many high-profile IP-based games, such as Top Gear, and this enthusiasm for cars and driving games can be seen in Race Team Rivals NFT Garage,” commented Supremacy Games CEO Jari Pauna.

Although the game’s NFTs will be released on December 9, the NFT functionalities and the future implementation of an in-game token, which you can obtain to trade for NFTs from other future series or exchange for cash, will arrive in Q1 2022.

Race Team Rivals NFT Garage is now available on iOS devices. The Android version is on its way.

Watch the trailer of the game down below!