Racy horror game Lust for Darkness is getting toned-down version on Switch

Lust for Darkness: Dawn Edition

Last year, the erotic horror game Lust for Darkness was pulled from Nintendo’s eShop. Due to its content, the ESRB slapped it with a post-release Adults Only rating.

Now, the game’s developer is releasing a toned-down version for Switch. According to SimFabric, the latest version “tweaks” the controversial content and “reworks the most contentious assets.”

Lust for Darkness is still naughty and full of erotic tension,” the developer says. “The game hasn’t lost its DNA. It has been just reworked here and there, according to ESRB recommendations.”

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That’s still probably not going to save the game from critics, who dinged it for shallowness. Right now, it is averaging only a 55 out of 100 on OpenCritic.

Lust for Darkness: Dawn Edition comes with everything previously released on Switch. When it launches on March 20, it will also include updates, plus minor bug and language fixes. It is already available on PC.

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