Rainbow Six Extraction gets its first trailer

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Rainbow Six Extraction gets its first trailer and gameplay reveal during today’s Ubisoft Forward.

After going two years without any new info, Ubisoft has finally revealed the first gameplay and trailer for Rainbow Six: Extraction. The title is a bit of a change from siege, and lets players team up to take down enemy aliens called Archaeans while completing other objectives. The Rainbow Six Siege formula is still very present, but the entire game is PVE.

Three players can team up to tackle missions, which take place over three rounds. Players can extract if they choose between each round, or choose to keep going to undertake a different task. Unlike in Siege, as players progress they’ll be able to upgrade their gadgets to complete tasks in different ways.

During the presentation, they also said that players will risk all of their gear every time they enter a mission. It’s unclear if that means they have a chance to lose everything like in Escape From Tarkov, or if they’ll just lose what they find during missions. Either way, it’ll be a tense and atmospheric game trying to take down the alien threat.

Check out the reveal trailer and the gameplay trailer below!