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Rainbow Six Siege trailer teases Sam Fisher as the game’s latest operator

Sam Fisher in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

A new teaser trailer out today just showed off Splinter Cell‘s Sam Fisher in Rainbow Six Siege.

“Sam Fisher joins Team Rainbow,” Ubisoft says in the video description. “Watch the Operation Shadow Legacy full reveal during the NA-Mini Major Finals.”

The full reveal airs on Sunday, August 16 at 2 PM Eastern. You’ll be able to watch it live at twitch.tv/rainbow6.

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In other R6 news, Ubisoft revealed the Rainbow Six Siege M.U.T.E. Protocol limited-time event last week. In the futuristic sci-fi inspired 5v5 mode, attackers fly in and try to shut down M.U.T.E. Protocol while defenders defend it at all costs. The limited-time event runs until August 18.


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Check out the teaser trailer below!