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Rainbow Six Vegas Demo on Xbox Live

Kicking off the countdown to the game’s release, Ubisoft announced today that a single player playable demo of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas for the Xbox 360 will be made available to consumers. The Xbox 360 demo will be available exclusively this month as part of the December issue of Official Xbox Magazine in the U.S., on sale at newsstands on October 24th. The demo will be made available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace in November.

The single player demo features part of the “Dante’s Casino” level of the single player mission. Players will Observe, Plan and Assault (O.P.A.) their way through the Gothic-themed casino that is under construction and believed to be a hideout for the terrorist leaders. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas will ship worldwide in November 2006 for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, and the PC.

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