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Rogue Company Rambo

One of Hollywood’s classic characters arrives in the Hi-Rez multiplayer FPS.

Rogue Company is getting a new update today featuring one of cinema’s most popular characters, John Rambo from Rambo. A character outfit for Seeker is included, and an in-game event offers dozens of themed rewards.

Rambo King Cobra Upgrade

Even for the elite members of the world’s finest private military organization, Rambo has always been a model of courage, perseverance, and ruthless talent. Now they can fight alongside him and can’t wait to dive into the action.

Available for 2,000 Rogue Bucks, the Rambo King Cobra Bundle allows fans to wield a bow and arrow, sharpen their machete and play as Rambo in Rogue Company with the Legendary Seeker Outfit.

New skins and weapons

This new update also includes an in-game event that is accessible to all Rogue Company players, veterans and newcomers alike. Travel upriver in Rambo’s boat and fulfill contracts during matches to earn Epic and Legendary rewards, such as the Jungle Cobra wingsuit, a player title and more.

Rogue Company Rambo

Be sure to play through this new Rambo King Cobra update to Rogue Company. Rogue Company is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Watch the cinematic trailer of the new update down below!

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