Rare Hiring for Nintendo DS Titles

Since the release of the Nintendo DS, gamers have hoped to see a port (or remake) of the classic Nintendo 64 shooter GoldenEye. The fact that the DS hardware is closely related to the Nintendo 64 in terms of power helped make sense of these wishes.

That might not come true, but it seems that Rare, now owned by Microsoft, is developing for the new handheld. Two new job positions now appear on Rare’s official website: one for 3D Artists, the other for Programmers. Here are the two job descriptions:

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Good understanding of 3D packages (preferably Maya), strong modelling and texturing abilities, imagination and motivation are all required from anyone hoping to join our Develop award-nominated team in creating key DS titles.

Must be motivated, enthusiastic and skilled in C/C++ to join our dedicated handheld team, recently nominated for a Develop Industry Excellence Award. 3D skills also an advantage in creating high-profile titles for this unique system.

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