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Raven Squad Review

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Developer: Atomic Motion Publisher: SouthPeak Games
Release Date: August 11, 2009 Available On: PC and Xbox 360

I had a chance to play SouthPeak Games’ latest offering for the PC and Xbox 360 at E3 known as Raven Squad. Coming in August 2009, Raven Squad is a unique blend of First-Person Shooter and Real-Time Strategy game. Based in the Amazon, you lead a squad of commandos after crash landing in the jungle. Can Raven Squad compete with the big boys?

The first thing I noticed from playing Raven Squad is that it is a fairly easy game to play. The transition between FPS and RTS is quite smooth. A certain situation may require you to toss a grenade, in which case the RTS mode is preferable in its accuracy. Others may require you to shoot a rocket at a target, in which case the FPS mode is preferable. Switching between the two modes is as simple as a single button press.

The game allows you to either play by yourself or online with a friend in co-op. A lot of the tactical gameplay comes from coordinating what to do with your ally. For instance, if you need to reach a certain location on the map, there are usually multiple routes that you can take to get there. If you work as a team you will want to flank the enemies from both sides as opposed to going directly at them as one large squad.

Ultimately Raven Squad may not satisfy the needs of either RTS or FPS fans. The simplicity of gameplay will turn off a lot of hardcore gamers who expect more of a challenge. I rolled right through the demo that I played without a scratch. That said, this is definitely a unique type of game that does a good job of blending two different genres into one package. We will see what the finished product looks like when Raven Squad launches in August. Expect a full review shortly after release.

Written by Kyle