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Rayman Mini is coming to Apple Arcade

Ubisoft is bringing Rayman to the just-launched Apple Arcade service. The game is called Rayman Mini, and it looks a lot like the Rayman that we already know and love.

Rayman Mini follows Rayman on a microscopic journey. You see, our hero has been reduced to the size of an ant. To undo the spell, Rayman will travel through a cartoony world where he will encounter allies and defeat bosses along the way.

From the looks of the first trailer, the game looks basically as visually impressive as a console game. Given that it’ll be playable on iPhone and iPad, we assume that it will have touch and swipe controls similar to other Rayman mobile games, but those details have not yet been confirmed.

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As we reported earlier today, Apple Arcade is now available for iOS 13 Beta users. The service officially offers an all-you-can-game model for $4.99 a month. So far, there are nearly 60 games available. You need an Apple-made device to play, such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.