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Rayman Redemption is a free fan-made remake of the original Rayman

Rayman Redemption screenshot

I am a fan of creative fan-made projects. So when I heard that @Ryemanni just released a remake of the original Rayman called Redemption, it piqued my interest.

Rayman Redemption is a reimagination of the original Rayman game from 1995,” the game’s product page says on Game Jolt. It “features a lot of new content, including new worlds, levels, minigames, and stuff to collect and complete.”

Of course, with any project like this, there’s always the possibility that the IP holders issue a DMCA takedown notice. But the fact that it is being made available for free may make that less likely. That probably would not be the case if this was a Nintendo franchise instead of Ubisoft, though.

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Game Jolt acts as a hosting service for fan-made projects and indie games. They also have a bunch of fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog games and other nostalgia-inducing retro projects. If you’re a fan of classic 2D platformers, this game seems like it will be fun to play.