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Razer Destructor Precision Gaming Surface Review

When it comes to “gaming surfaces”, most people don’t have much of a preference. Most gamers I know use a normal mousepad or even just the surface of their desk, but Razer claims to have changed the game in mouse surfaces. The Razer Destructor is Razer’s new high-end mousepad for serious PC gamers. It’s a very large surface with thousands of tiny pits designed to increase the sensitivity of optical and laser mice. It’s upper hard plastic surface is very sturdy, and attached to the bottom is an equally thick textured rubber mat, keeping it from moving. Additionally, it includes a zip-up padded and fitted CASE. Initially I thought that this was completely frivolous and a waste of money to make. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Anytime I take my desktop PC to a LAN party or to a friend’s house, I take my mousepad. Until recently, I had been using a Valve software mousepad, which ended up having a crease down the middle, from it being folded while being transported. Having a case, however useless while in use, keeps the pad from flexing and/or bending while it’s in transportation. There’s not a lot to say about the mousepad, it’s a great surface, and the best I’ve owned – it really does increase the effective sensitivity of my laser mouse, which is cool, and the large size is also a plus. The only question you have to ask yourself is if you really want to spend forty dollars on a mousepad. Regardless of how amazingly awesome it is, it’s still a mousepad – so it’s can’t possibly make THAT MUCH of a difference.

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Overall, it’s tough to give scores for this review – it’s all you could want and more from a mousepad, but it’s $40 – so if you really want (or need) the best mousepad out there, this is a great choice – but if you’re not a very “hardcore” PC gamer, a cheaper $15 or $20 gaming mousepad will give you similar performance – so it’s up to the consumer.