Razer Edge 5G
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Razer Edge 5G: Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch just got new competition, but where’s Sony?

Razer Edge 5G

The Razer Edge 5G is a handheld with the highest possible gaming power offered by Qualcomm, which is sure to compete with the Steam Deck.

The market for handheld gaming devices is becoming increasingly large and competitive. We recently saw the launch of Logitech’s handheld, as well as the incredible success of the Steam Deck. But Razer unveiled a bombshell during Mobile World Congress Las Vegas.

Razer is partnering with Verizon and Qualcomm to bring the most powerful Android handheld gaming device available today. The Razer Edge 5G is the first 5G mobile gaming handheld on the market that will offer high graphics horsepower that will not disappoint gamers in any game.

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A new Android handheld gaming device is coming to the scene

Razer is known for its great products dedicated to gaming. Even the field of Android dedicated to gaming is one that the company is well known for. Since, despite not having been successful in sales, the Razer Kishi mobile game controller was fantastic.

But, in a perfect partnership between Razer, Qualcomm, and the renowned technology company, Verizon, they are looking to break into the handheld gaming devices market. The newly announced Razer Edge 5G will be built on the Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 Gaming Platform. It’s a device created by Qualcomm dedicated to high-performance gaming on the move. All of this is in addition to 5G connectivity from Verizon.

Thanks to this, gamers will have access to the games they love so much – whether from Google Play or Xbox Cloud Gaming through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That’s right, thanks to 5G, you’ll be able to play your games both locally and streamed from your handheld wherever you are.

Where is Sony?

The Razer Edge 5G is without a doubt an exciting entry into the mobile gaming market. But it also raises a legitimate question: where the heck is Sony?

It’s true that PlayStation Vita sales underperformed relative to PlayStation Portable, but PlayStation remains second only to Nintendo in the portable gaming market; the PSP was a runaway success. It’s also true that Vita enjoyed a fiercely loyal fanbase years after Sony all but dropped support.

It’s time for Sony to reconsider its position in the mobile gaming market. The company could tweak the existing PlayStation Vita design with updated state-of-the-art hardware and an Android operating system. Why should the company completely cede this growing market?


Regardless of what Sony does though, we’re excited about what Razer is cooking up. Without a doubt, Razer Edge 5G is a product that promises a lot. Our hopes are high.

The only bad thing is that we don’t know its price or release date. But, we could get an idea that it will be around $1000-$1200. This will make it difficult to compete with other more economical handhelds, such as Steam Deck. Anyway, we will find out on October 15 during the RazerCon!