Recapturing the story: The best interactive narrative experiences in games


Video games can provide an excellent entertainment experience, but some really go out of their way to tell a story that captures the player’s attention. The story can be every bit as engaging as the gameplay itself. These relatively recent games prove that without a doubt.


A rogue-like excursion into Greek myth, the player takes on the role of Zagreus, the embittered son of Hades. Supergiant’s game blends its narrative not only with the story of repeated attempts to escape the underworld but through the choice of weapons and blessings you’ll receive from other Olympians.

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Rewards come for investing in yourself and other characters equally. And the growth of the various NPCs isn’t always what you’d expect. The gameplay is engaging and the story is captivating enough to make each run through the underworld a fresh and evolving tale. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Since Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars fans have been hungry for another truly narrative gaming experience. Fallen Order delivers that. Starting with the rise of the Empire, you direct Cal Kestis, a former Padawan who desires to restore the Jedi Order.

Growing into your lightsaber and Force skills, Fallen Order opens the lore with new and familiar backdrops that expand the player’s knowledge alongside Cal’s. Encouraging a methodical pace for exploration and combat, Fallen Order steadily opens the world in a galaxy far, far away. Best of all, you can now experience it for free as part of the EA Play benefit included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Shadow of the Colossus

A game of few words that has been immortalized in memory as a classic, the story of Shadow of the Colossus drives the player steadily onward. The quest you undertake is simple but drives the story forward through poignant cutscenes and combat segments against the namesake Colossi.

With each victory, there is a growing foreboding for your quest, even as you press on. The PS4 remake is visually stunning and proof that words are not always needed to provide the backdrop or motivation to continue on.

The Witcher 3

The story of Geralt has certainly soared into popularity in recent years, and many could point to this entry in The Witcher series as one of the primary reasons. Expanding on the characters and the world, the game engages new and old fans alike.

The choices that you’ll make often subvert the standard binary choice most games offer. Players are forced to weigh their options and wonder what the future consequences may be. This is a harsh and unforgiving world that will keep the player coming back for more.


Journey is a game with no words but an undeniably compelling story. Though a brief experience – honestly, you can and likely will finish it in a single sitting – the game’s visuals and sound evoke an ongoing story of surmounting difficulties, cycles, and growth.

The path you take is stark at times but no less vibrant, and the story is compelling by imagery alone. One of the first examples of a game that should be mentioned when describing them as “art,” this is a short amount of time to invest for a fantastic payoff.

And now it’s available on PC and iOS devices as well as PS3 and PS4. So you can even play this classic on the go.

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