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Red Dead Redemption 2 Google Stadia save with 6,000 hours recovered thanks to Rockstar

In addition, he has obtained a large amount of merchandise sent directly by Rockstar Games.

The fall of Google Stadia was a big blow to the industry even if it didn’t seem like it. That’s true not only because of the impact on users but also because of the many small development teams that lost the opportunity to shine. Still, there are cases like that of gamer and content creator ItsColourTV that are worth highlighting.

After the announcement of Google Stadia’s closure, his Read Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) save game with almost 6,000 hours of gameplay was in jeopardy. Rockstar has taken matters into its own hands. They have not only recovered his save but also sent a large amount of official Red Dead Redemption 2 merchandise and an email from the game team apologizing for the situation.

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A happy ending!

Here at Game Freaks 365, we talked a while ago about the big problem ItsColourTV was facing. This content creator was one of the millions affected by the Google Stadia shutdown. But, his specific case is a serious one. To sum it all up, this RDR2 content creator was on the verge of losing a save game on Google Stadia that had almost 6,000 hours played!

At the time, there was very little chance that he could recover his game. Still, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light was Rockstar Games. The RDR2 development team contacted the content creator. The goal was to be able to migrate his saved game to a platform where the player could easily play it. But, most importantly of all, the player will not lose an achievement or any time from their save game.

Although it seems that everything would have stayed there, it has not. For the great support the player has given to RDR2 over the years, Rockstar has sent him a thank you package. Once opened, ItsColourTV has found a series of Red Dead Redemption 2 swag. We see products like pins and a leather vest that are only available to those who were part of the development team.

Without a doubt, this is a great gesture for Rockstar and the development team behind RDR2. Despite the problems with Read Dead Online, it’s good to see that Rockstar does take the community into consideration. Even so, they still need to change a lot to regain the respect of many players in the communities of their games. Likewise, we are happy for ItsColourTV and all those players who were on the verge of losing their game saves.