Elden Ring
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Reddit user meets Jesus and Lucifer in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Jesus and Lucifer

“Oh wait… this guy is dressed as Jesus Christ, and this guy is dressed as Lucifer. What the hell?”

Today I was taking a walk through the backwaters of Reddit and ended up in the Elden Ring subreddit. In the beginning, I saw a player who designed his character as Will Smith who was slapping all the players he could find. But what I just saw… oh Jesus…. and never better said.

The reddit user Mar_Reddit has shared a clip from his Elden Ring game where he made the decision to invade other players’ games just to see what he’d find. Near the Tree Sentinel Boss spawn location, he found two players with very particular aspects. At first, he thought it would be a total trick just to kill him, but when he took a better look, he found himself in front of two omnipotent beings: Jesus Christ and Lucifer.

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An unexpected encounter makes for a great moment

As could be expected, there was no lack of laughter in this encounter. In the beginning, Mar_Reddit did not stop bowing to Jesus, but from one moment to another, between the player and Jesus they defeated Lucifer. I know it seems like a pure and hard fantasy story.

But things don’t end there. After defeating Lucifer, there was a battle between Jesus and Mar_Reddit that didn’t go much further, because, how is he going to kill Jesus Christ?!

Jokes aside, the Elden Ring community has shown how united and particular it is. Since, from the beginning, they have given us moments like this that cause us to smile, even in players who are not fans of the game or the genre. Let’s hope that these random moments never end and that we can continue to see the creativity of the different players.