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Reddit user wins a game of Overwatch 2 with Wii controllers

Imagine playing a game with Tracer using a Wii nunchuk.

Can you imagine playing Overwatch 2 with a Wii Remote? Well, that’s what a player has done who has dared to try this madness and has managed to win a game using this peculiar controller setup. In this article we tell you how he did it and what difficulties he had to overcome.

Although Overwatch 2 does not make a big difference compared to Blizzard’s original successful multiplayer shooter, there is one aspect that stands out from the game’s latest goal: mobility. Every time the mobility in the game becomes faster and more dynamic, and the challenge of playing with Wii controllers is to be applauded – especially knowing that you have won a game.

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Another game conquered by the Wii controllers

The player who has dared this feat is called Tin_Can0624. This Reddit user has been making Wii Remotes work with Overwatch 2 for several months now. While there is a history of players using Wii controllers in the first Overwatch game, with the game’s sequel it’s a different story.

The mobility of Overwatch 2, in the latest changes to the game has been affected, making each game much faster. That’s why Tin_Can0624 has caught the attention of players for his great feat. And, despite the fact that in the video shared by the Reddit user the move looks a bit rudimentary, the player has managed to achieve what he dreamed of: winning a game.

Just as you read! To the surprise of many, Tin_Can0624 has managed to win a game of Overwatch 2 with Sombra playing with a Wii Remote using WiinUSoft. Proving that you don’t need to have the best equipment to have fun and succeed.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a player playing with controllers that don’t make sense. Dancing mats, Rubik’s cubes, and even a saxophone! But, as complicated as Wii controllers can be, this feat has managed to capture the attention of Overwatch players both on and off Reddit!