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Redfall Guide: How to Defeat Bloody Tom

If you are having a hard time defeating Bloody Tom, try these tips.

One of the main bosses in Redfall is a vampire god known as Bloody Tom. He is a former man who turned into a monster after a series of experiments. In this article, we will discuss how to defeat Bloody Tom in Redfall.

Redfall Guide: How to Defeat Bloody Tom

Here is a description of the character from Fandom:

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The man that became Bloody Tom was originally an executive of Aevum Therapeutics. After Black Sun discovered Vampirism, Bloody Tom and the other executives performed experiments on themselves and became the Vampire Gods. They then created an army of Vampires, placing themselves at the top of the hierarchy. To consolidate their power, the Vampire Gods took over the town of Redfall.

How to Defeat Bloody Tom

This particular boss fight takes place in a cavern. Bloody Tom rises up out of a hole in the cavern and starts to throw red mist at you. If you are not careful, the red mist will cause significant damage.

There is a trick where you can cheese this fight and defeat the boss pretty easily. First off, you should note that there are three holes in the cavern. Bloody Tom comes out of the middle one to start the fight. Once you lower his health enough, he’ll retreat and pop up from one of the other holes.

You should also note that there are stalagmites throughout the cavern. These are key to fighting Bloody Tom as they provide the cover that you need in order to avoid his attacks. If you find yourself stuck in the red mist at any point, run across the cavern until you reach a stalagmite for cover.

Hide behind the stalagmites to avoid his incoming attacks.

One of the best tips that I can offer you is to be patient. His attacks are predictable, so avoid them and only counter-attack once he finishes (and be careful to avoid any red mist).

Best Weapons to Beat Bloody Tom

Your weapon selection matters a great deal in this boss fight. I recommend equipping an assault rifle, sniper rifle, and stake launcher.

The assault rifle will cause a great amount of damage in a short period of time. Make sure to aim for Bloody Tom’s head as it’s his weak spot and you’ll get bonus damage. The sniper rifle and stake launchers are also good options, but their reload speed will slow the fight down compared to the AR.

If you have a shotgun equipped, I recommend swapping it out. You will not get close enough to do a lot of damage. If you do try to get close, you’ll find yourself vulnerable to his attacks.

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