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Redout 2 launches on Nintendo Switch

Redout 2 launches on Nintendo Switch

Racing fans have a new option on Nintendo Switch.

Redout 2 launched today on Nintendo Switch, 34BigThings and Saber Interactive confirm. Players can grab the standard version of the game or a Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition includes the base game plus the Season Pass featuring two future DLC packs with new locations, career events, rewards, and more at a discount.

The sequel to the sci-fi racing game is a tribute to classic racers like F-Zero and WipeOut, combining lightning-fast speed, excitement, and action with breathtaking sights and sounds. As we’ve previously reported, players can compete in both career and competitive multiplayer modes.

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Redout 2

Redout 2 is the most ambitious game in the series yet, with higher speeds, more tracks, and deeper customization than ever before,” 34BigThings says. “Strafe, tilt, and boost your customizable hovership through dozens of mind-bending, jaw-dropping courses in a variety of game modes, including an expansive single-player campaign plus competitive online multiplayer for up to six players on Nintendo Switch.”

You may recall that this version experienced short delays twice in the past couple of months. In addition to Nintendo Switch, Redout 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Watch a trailer for the game below!