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Regiments open playtest now live

Regiments open playtest

Try the new Operations game mode of the new Cold War RTS game Regiments.

After numerous closed betas, MicroProse’s upcoming RTS, Regiments, will have a series of open playtest builds available for any player who wants to have a look at it. Regiments is a real-time strategy game set in 1989 Germany during the Cold War. Despite popular belief, the Cold War has erupted in 1989, and hell has broken loose.

Operational Points

In this RTS game, you must lead your army through the fires of fight and the fog of war. You must carefully manage your major resource, Operational Points, between and throughout conflicts. These points are acquired by fulfilling specified tasks and may be used in a variety of ways. They can also be used to recover depleted companies’ losses, acquire more supplies or engineering assistance, request new Task Forces, or upgrade current ones with superior equipment.

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Regiments open playtest

Open playtest build

If you wish to participate in this open playtest, you should know that it will be held in the new Operations game mode, in which you will have to lead your regiment through days of hard battle on several terrains, making difficult decisions and feeling the full weight of their repercussions.

Operations require a great deal of perseverance. All losses have been reported, deployed platoons have retained their places, and engineering barriers have remained in place. Even debris and topographical scars are left behind from previous fights on the same territory. Each phase of conflict increases the time of day until you must fight at night, relying on night vision equipment or lighting artillery rounds.

To participate in the open playtest build, please visit Regiments‘ Steam page. Currently, the game is only accessible on PC via Steam.

Watch the playtest trailer down below!