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Relic Entertainment layoffs hit 121 employees

Sega and Relic Entertainment announced the layoffs.

We got word today that another game studio was hit with layoffs. The Relic Entertainment layoffs affect 121 employees at its studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Relic Entertainment was founded way back in 1997. The studio is well known for its work on real-time strategy games on PC including Homeworld and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. However, it is best known for the World War II RTS franchise Company of Heroes.

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The third game, Company of Heroes 3, was recently released. It saw its first major balance update about a month ago. The Brass Leopard Update is still due for release in the future.

Sega acquired Relic Entertainment after THQ filed for bankruptcy back in 2013. It is a fully-owned subsidiary of Sega Europe. Despite the layoffs, Sega emphasized that it is still going to support Company of Heroes 3.

Sega and Relic Entertainment announced the layoffs today and posted an official statement. We are including the full statement below:

Relic Entertainment and SEGA Europe want to share the difficult news that our studio has been impacted by layoffs, affecting 121 employees. This comes at a time when external factors are challenging our industry more than ever, and we made the decision to restructure our oganization to ensure maximum focus is placed on our core franchises.

Relic and SEGA remain fully committed to supporting and investing in our titles, including the recently released Company of Heroes 3. We’re confident that following this necessary restructuring, Relic will be in a position of strength to continue delivering outstanding experiences to players all over the world.

This decision was incredibly difficult. Relic is a studio that treasures our people and is proud of the culture we’ve grown, and right now our focus is on supporting deparing employees in every way we can. We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to each of them for the part they’ve played in making Relic such a special studio.

My Thoughts

Hearing about layoffs is obviously never fun to write about. It’s even worse when you are talking about 100+ people losing their jobs. We offer our heartfelt wishes for the affected employees to land on their feet and find new employment very quickly. It’s a rough time for the industry, particularly for the low and mid-level employees who create our favorite games.

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